Capital Trail Ride Records

Provisional results. Not bold = still to be verified. Bold = verified.

First Name Surname Finish Report
David King 15:15
Ken Russell 16:37 Read here
Lee Craigie 16:58 Read here
David Jones 16:58
Markus Stitz 18:09
Fraser Brown 19:22
Jamie Pearson 19:39
Richard Jennings 20:12:00 (ITT)  
Catriona Morrison 20:12:00 (ITT)
Alasdair McLean 20:13
Stuart Allan 21:03
John Russell 21:11
Dan Gates 23:02
Dan Phillipstone 23:23
Phil Clarke 24:33:00  
David Blair 25:13:00
Jay Lamb 25:13:00
Adam Wallace 27:08:00
Russell Stout 28:28:00
Kevin Kealy 28:35:00  
Martin Maciver 28:35:00
Stuart Rider 28:48:00
David Hawley 29:50:00
Ian Cox 30:18:00
George Lupton 30:18:00
Jenny Graham 30:18:00
Bob MacGregor 30:28:00 (ITT)
Davie Robb 30:41:00
Crispin Hoult 31:33:00
Jeremy Stevenson 31:33:00  Read here
Bryan Dawson 31:35:00
Chris Marquis 32:30:00
Jon Meredith 32:30:00
Hannah Ward 32:30:00
Georges Avraam 33:05:00
Robin Davidson 33:05:00
Alex Dalton 33:23:00
Raymond Young 33:23:00
David Gould 33:40:00
Lord Hind 33:40:00
Bruce Mathieson 33:40:00 Read here
Colin Shearer 33:40:00
David Stones 33:40:00
Fraser Hughes 33:45:00  
James Robertson 33:45:00  
Barney Sowood 33:45:00
Ben Farrar 34:35:00
Adam Younghusband 34:35:00
Remi McMurtry 34:35:00
Hugh Watkin 34:35:00
James Lewis 34:35:00
Laurence Brooke 34:53:00
Tim Le Breuilly 34:53:00
Robert Tuck 34:53:00
Andrew Armour 34:53:00
Gavin Scott 35:03:00  
Simon Waddell 35:03:00
Sergio Leitao 35:13:00
Con Bonner 35:13:00
Robin Torrie 36:18:00
Angus Calder 40:31:00
Drew Thomson Finished – no time
Colin Woof Scratched
Andreas Schäfer Scratched
Graham Adcock Scratched
Doug Bridgens Scratched
Emily Chappel Scratched  Read here
William Doyle Scratched
Niall Duncanson Scratched
E Good Scratched
Tom McCombes Scratched
Jon Pavelin Scratched
Ben R Reynolds Scratched
Steven Turbitt Scratched
Charlie Hobbs Scratched
Ian Stockley Scratched
Leon Thompson Scratched
William Lehmann Scratched

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