Back in Germany

Passenger FerryI am just tidying up some loose ends with an early start today, but let me say I am excited to be back in my home country today, with a full itinerary ahead for the next 1.5 weeks. Pictures and anecdotes for the talk are selected, the rest will be pretty much spontaneous, but I am really looking forward to see as many people as possible coming around. It’s great to visit again three months after I was there last, and even if my last two posts have been critical about the recent events, I am hoping to share my stories from an amazing trip, but I also look forward to some discussions if you like. My knee is getting slightly better after the recent fall, so I will be packing some bike gear, maybe one or two rides are possible next week, I would love to explore the places where I talk by bike. If you are going to my talk and you have a spare bike in town, please send me a message here. See you soon!

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